To Be Published

Another writing “win” to report:

Back on September 3rd I posted this…

One of my 101 Goals in 1001 Days is to submit my writing to a contest.  It looks like I might be able to achieve this goal AND participate in a worthy cause.  Have you heard about The Nielsen Family and the way internet bloggers are coming together to help their family in this time of tragedy?  If not, you can learn more HERE.

A very funny blog I just discovered is holding a contest for publication in an upcoming blog book (working title, “Something Cleverish”), all proceeds going to the Nie Recovery Fund.

Well, I submitted my story, and it was just announced today that my submission made it into the book (along with 35 others)!  I’d love to think that the editors had to pick from hundreds and hundreds of submissions, putting me in the top 10% or something for being chosen.  But then I remembered it’s not nice to be so conceited, so instead, I’m just super grateful.

I will let you know more details as the book is put together, and you have to know that I’ll be hitting you up to buy a copy for yourself!  How can you go wrong? – it’ll be funny, you’ll know someone in it, and your money will go to a great cause!  (hey, maybe I’ll even autograph your copy!  and no, I’m really not letting this get to my head!)


  • RDefnet

    Wowzers! – congrats! Does this make me cool by association – LOL. Your story is too cute – love it.

    Also, you probably never get to hear it but, as we here in OR talk about books to read and such, your name always pops up as a sure reference. “Saw it on Stacey’s Good Reads list.” (For further proof – I’m not even on Good Reads and I hear this enough to tell you about it.) Your recommendations have weight.

  • Erica Huff

    Congratulations! You are amazing talented!

  • Erica Huff

    And I did take a grammar class in college! You are amazingly talented! Sorry…

  • Naomi

    Hahahaha great story. Hey with that new van thingy you’re sportin’ don’t you think it’s time for a road trip…up North… and a little West? No, not that far. You should consider visiting, ME. well, at least you could think about it. Nice work with the personal progress! you go girlie!

  • I think I’ll get one. From the list of contributors, I know the stories will be seriuosly funny. Plus the proceeds go to a great cause. I definitely want it autographed! 😀

  • Jamie

    I saw the announcement on Navel Gazing in my feed reader the other day, and immediately scanned for your name (you’re the only blogger I “know” who contributed). Was so excited to see that you made it! Your submission was excellent… the panel of judges have good taste.

    Congrats! (Again!) 😀