An Official Announcement

NO, I am not having a baby for German engineering.  That cracked me up, though, to see those comments in my last post.  Again…my husband WORKS for a certain German auto company, and that is why we are sporting our new van.  The vehicle has absolutely nothing to do with my womb!

But, I will be “giving birth” (so to speak) to something exciting next year, and I think I can make the official announcement.

I will be writing a montly column for the online literary magazine Estella’s Revenge.  I have been reading the ‘zine for over a year now and in December’s issue they put out a call for new writers.  Since I’ve decided to dive head-first into this reading/writing “thing,” I threw my name out there and pitched them an idea for a column.  They accepted, and with many kind words to boot!

My column will be called “Families in Fiction,” and I’ve decided that each month I will focus on different themes of just that – families in fiction.  One month may be about mothers and daughters in literature.  Another month may be about how non-traditional families are depicted in literature.  I have even thought about one article being called, “What’s with All the Orphans in Literature?”  Hopefully you get the idea.  I need to throw something together by Christmas in order to roll out the new column for January’s issue.  It will probably just be a kind of introduction to what readers can look forward to from my column in 2009.  I’ll make sure to post the link here when it’s up.

So, no baby, just a new writing gig – which still may keep me up at nights, but at least it doesn’t come with stinky diapers.