Santa’s Got a New Sleigh

My husband works in the field as a Business Development Manager for a major German auto manufacturer (think two letters, not three), and part of his compensation is a company car.  He drives a lot of miles, as his region covers the entire SE wedge of Texas (Houston-Austin-San Antonio-Corpus Christ-Brownsville…and everywhere near and in-between).  Because the company doesn’t want him to beat up his company cars TOO badly, he has to trade them in every few months.  Our newest little dearie came to us just today…

2009_vw_routan_redThis thing is beyond belief.  Two DVD screens, which allows you to play 2 different movies.  Two wireless headsets.  All the A/V jacks so the kids can hook up their games and play w/ the tv monitors.  You can upload 4G of music files from your mp3 player.  You can even upload pictures which will serve as a screen saver for the big digital screen on the dash.  It has gps and satellite radio and so many gadgets and gizmos that I expect it will be balancing our checkbook and taking the kids to school by itself pretty soon.

There is no way on earth we would ever have a car like this if it weren’t for my husband’s job, and I am not being boastful, just grateful.  Christmas this year – as it has been for too many before – is really stressful because of such a tight money situation, and our whole family has been looking forward to this van.  It’s just a nice little luxury that we intend to use and appreciate.  In fact, tonight we’ll spend Family Home Evening with the movie “Elf” on the DVD screens while we drive around looking at Christmas lights.  It will be soooo nice to drive our cares away!