There is No Secret Ingredient

“I’m not a fat panda.  I’m the fat panda!”


We watched Kung Fu Panda with my mom* and the kids tonight.  Why did I think this movie looked so dumb in the previews?  IT WAS FANTASTIC!

And I’ll admit it – I got a bit verklempt at the ultimate moral of the story.  An awkward, goofy, ambitious without commensurate skill panda learns to use what he’s got, make the most of himself, and understand that HE is ENOUGH.

And it was sooooooo stinking funny!  Oh my word, it was funny.

Good message, good fun.  GREAT movie!

*we are having a great visit with my mom, despite the fact that it’s raining like crazy this week.  What’s up with that?  They even issued a tornado warning for a nearby county.  Welcome to Texas, Mom!