How to Remove all Bloggy Motivation

With NaBloPoMo, I have committed to posting every day in November.  Then why did I shoot myself in the foot and remove one of the biggest motivations I have for blogging in the first place?

My mommy is here!  Turns out that when people ask the question, “Why do you blog?”, my answer ought to be “Mostly so my mom knows what’s going on in my life!”  But now that’s she’s HERE, *in* my life, I’ll have to think of a broader landscape of reasons to sit down and post my thoughts and daily doings.

I know!  I’ll think of my sister Chris, checking my blog during a morning break at work.  Hi, Chris!  I’d love to have you here, visiting too, but you just might be the key to getting me through NaBloPoMo.  Save the blog, save your sister.  No pressure or anything. 🙂