Books on the Brain (and on the Shelves, and in the Mail…)

The rules are that I have to post every day in November.  Nobody said anything about QUALITY posts! (insert evil laugh here)

Truth is, I’ve been VERYVERYVERYVERY preoccupied this past week with building my book review blog and persuing my decision to focus on finding contacts in the publishing world.

You know what I find amazing?  That when you really plug in to something in the universe, you discover whole new worlds you never even knew about.  And that sometimes it’s way easier than you thought it would be.

Since I decided to be focused and to be assertive, I have made contact with several publishers and PR people, and I now have 5 different books coming from 4 different publishers – free books with the commitment to read and review them on my blog and other sites.  And by combing through so many book blogs, I have come upon many contests and have won 2 books!  I love those two because they are free and clear (no reviews necessary).  I have a third free book on the way from another publisher, with no contract to review it, but I’m guessing I’ll post something about it anyway.  That’s a lotta lotta books!  I’m so excited!

I think it has helped that I’ve been approaching this endeavor as if it were a job.  Meaning, be professional, be confident, devote significant time to it, do your best work.  As long as I keep my game face on, things have seemed to go pretty well.

Anyway, that’s it for today – a post about why my brain is too fried to “really” post.

Hey, Mom.  You know I’m gonna need to do this while you’re here, right? (ONLY TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL YOU’RE HERE!  WOO HOO!)  I don’t suppose you’ll complain too much having to munch on baby cheeks while I hack away at the laptop, right? 🙂  Cool.  See ya then.