I Hope I Don’t Get Smacked for This

My mom is flying in from California for a visit next weekend.  I AM SO EXCITED!  We’ve been chatting via email about our plans for her visit, and in her last email I received this stern warning (and I quote):  “Stacey…I swear…if you start freaking out about the house or my accommodations I’ll smack you silly when I get there!!” That’s just about the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.  I got all misty when I read it. 🙂  SERIOUSLY, how nice is it to get permission from your mother to just relax and leave your house as-is for her visit?  (not that most of us would take advantage of that permission….but still…)

I am at least cleaning some much-needed rooms and corners, but I promise I am not freaking out.  We have, however, been doing a lot of furniture movement, but not because of my mom’s visit.

When we had the cable installed last week, it took the cable guy – bless his heart – TWO HOURS to install basic cable to an already-wired jack.  He had only been on the job for a few days, and his lack of training showed.  Don’t get me wrong, he was super nice and very well-mannered.  He was a saint with my son I7, letting him help with different tasks and showing him all the tools, etc, of his job.

The only existing cable jack in the living room happens to be in the absolute dumbest location possible – the front corner of the room, adjacent to two large windows.  Nothing central or convenient about it!  When I asked the cable guy if he could move the jack, it was clear he didn’t feel comfortable with doing that yet.  So…we just kept the location, got a 15-ft coaxial extension on the cable, and decided to move all the furniture around.  The things we’ve done for this stupid tv reception!

Here’s the room before:

and after:

More from before:

(the only cable jack is in the corner behind the piano…lame, huh?)

And after:

I can’t believe how much different it feels, and how much BETTER!

And of course now that I see these pictures on the blog, I realize it’s hard to see the big differences.  Hopefully you can tell.  We swapped the positions of most items in the room – the entertainment center and lighter couch were flipped, the darker couch moved to its mirror opposite location, the piano moved to the far wall.  One of the biggest changes is just the flow of things.  You used to walk in our front door into an open living room, then the space funneled down and back out into the dining room and on through the house.  Now you walk in the front door and IN to the living room, which flows right into the dining room and rest of the house.  It’s so much more cozy!  And since I bothered to put up a few more items of wall decor, it looks a little prettier, too.

Anywhoo, I’ve been moving furniture, but not freaking out, as per my mother’s orders.