“Volunteer” Does Not Equal “Glutton for Punishment”

Dear Booster President,

I have been up since 5:30am, without a nap (unless you call passing out on the couch for 15 minutes this afternoon and then praising my Father in Heaven for keeping my baby safe while he played next to me a “nap”).  I have gotten my oldest daughter to Seminary, gotten my second daughter to school, sent the other two school kids out to the bus on time, done the laundry – including the “mystery stains” load, which I had to pretreat, washed the dishes, unclogged the upstairs shower drain, changed the cat litter, gone to the library, picked up some groceries, done some writing, checked the bank balance, sent some emails, picked up one daughter from school, picked up another daughter and my son from school, dropped off one daughter at play rehearsal, made dinner, picked up daughter from play rehearsal, picked up my oldest daughter from marching band practice, and finally put the baby to bed.

I understand I also had one last thing on my list – attending the Booster meeting, which started 30 minutes ago.

Would you like to know why I am not there?  Because with all I do during my day, in order to volunteer my time and leave my family (who, consequently, would have just consisted of my *kids* tonight, since my husband is out of town), I would like – in exchange – just a few things.  First of all, please be organized.  Be efficient with my time.  Show some kind of recognition that I am there – even just saying my name in acknowledgment of my attendance would be nice.  Be focused.  Give me something to do.  Ask my opinions.  Give me just some shred of reassurance that as a Booster Officer, I am doing something above what a trained monkey could do.

If any volunteer organization is to succeed, there needs to be shared vision, a spirit of community, and recognition of effort and abilities.  Since I know for sure I can find that in my own home, I’ll be staying here tonight.


A Disenchanted Booster Officer