The Vice-Presidential Debate

I’m sure you’re all dying to know what we in the Happy Household thought of tonight’s debate.  (::insert rolling of eyes here::)  You’ll have to settle with what *I* thought of tonight’s debate, since husband and daughter H14 were at the high school football game (our team is 5-0!  WOOT WOOT), the baby was sleeping, and daughters M11, A10, and son I7 were in the den learning about Greek Mythology.  No kidding.

So, anyway, I’ve decided to “go there” tonight and talk about politics.  This is a first (I think) for this blog, and it isn’t likely to happen again.

I thought this debate was GREAT!  About 1,000 times more interesting than last week Presidential debate!!

I thought both Biden and Palin were respectful, passionate, and prepared.  There were a few things that bugged me about each.  Palin:  was it me, or was she not as good at actually ANSWERING some of the questions?  More than once I heard a “Yeah, but…” or a “No, but…” before she skipped the question presented and went back to something else she really wanted to talk about (ie:  energy, anyone?).  But then Biden’s “Let me say again…” routine got a little old when he’d just keep repeating things for emphasis.  Each of them had their little tics that I noticed, but I felt overall that they both presented a very excellent figure.

I loved how Palin asked him, “Hey, can I call ya Joe?” before the debate even started.  By the way, how on earth do you get a Midwestern accent living in Alaska?  I just don’t get it.  But then again, I don’t know anybody from Alaska.

I loved Biden’s easy defense of his continual references to the Bush administration:  “past is prologue.”  Both sides have it tough there – I get the criticism of Barack’s campaign always focusing on Bush when they keep professing to have an eye on the future.  But McCain’s got a hard road having to convince people that he’s (a) a party man all the way, and (b) not going to carry on anything related to his party’s own administration.

I appreciated Palin’s subtle comment about her preference for being able to speak to the American people “straight up” and without the “filter of mainstream media telling the people what they just heard.”  This obviously alludes to her recent disatrous interviews with Katie Couric.  I’m sorry, but they were really bad.  And as twisted as they can make your words sounds, you’ve got to say them in the first place, and Palin was putting some total gibberish out there.  She was great tonight, though.

I laughed at Biden’s self-deprecating humor when he told the moderator that she was being “generous” in listing his only Achilles heel as his lack of discipline.

The politics are the politics are the politics, and even though I listened closely, I (clearly) was watching more for personality, integrity, and presentation.  I knew tonight’s debate would not change my vote, but I was so fascinated to see how things would shake out.

The most heartfelt moment of the night – for me – was when Biden was talking about his own family situation.  About how you don’t need to be a woman to understand what it’s like to worry about raising your kids and facing hardships with your children.  I really felt his heart there, and I’m glad he let his guard down a little bit.

I agree wholeheartedly with one of the commentators after the debate was finished:  neither Biden nor Palin fed into the stereotypes of themselves tonight.  Biden wasn’t boorish and meandering, Palin didn’t freeze and seem starstruck.  I think it was actually a lot of fun to watch!