The Most Overrated Chapbook Ever?

Wow, now that I’ve let the suspense build up over the past couple of days, I’m worried about the major LET-DOWN you might feel when you actually see my chapbook.

I’ll risk it, though.

Here’s the little fella:


I had leftover 4.5″ x 6.5″ matte paper that I had bought at Joann’s to make my book club invitations.  The papers were all fall motifs, my favorite.  I trimmed the papers to a clean 4×6, did a 4×6 page setup in Word and then created two columns (so I could fit 2 quotes/page…then I folded each page in half, leaving the folded edge exposed), chose my quotes, chose the fonts for each one, then printed the quotes out directly onto the papers.  That is, except for one particular print, which was too dark and busy to have been able to see the ink.  For those, I printed onto plain copy paper first, then cut and paste it onto the matte paper.  There are 48 quotes in the book.  I cut out cardboard from a Nilla Wafers box and covered two pieces with matte paper for the front and back covers of the book.  I put two hole-punches through every page, then tied it all together with a piece of brown yarn.  Because of some formatting issues (like the persnickety margins in the Word page setup), certain design elements (choosing the font, creating just the right alternating pattern with the papers), and just the busy-ness of the work, this project took me about 6 hours to finish.