I Wore Pants Today

I wore pants today – and it WASN’T because they were the only clean bottoms in my laundry pile!  It was actually cool and quite nice in the Houston area today.  It was delicious!

Which made me realize…a crisp, almost Fall-like day makes me homesick for Oregon.  But then hot, muggy days make me homesick for Oregon, and big, mean, ugly hurricanes make me homesick for Oregon (for different reasons, of course).  It’s so true that whenever the news shows the nationwide weather map, my eye just naturally trails to that upper(ish) left corner of the contiguous states and oh, how I wish I were there.

  • Jamie

    I hear you. I’m homesick too… and I’m not even “from” any particular state — just the Midwest in general. I was planning to escape to my parent’s house with the kids if power didn’t come back on by Sunday morning. And while I’m glad that power did come back on (relieved, more like), it was kind of a bummer not to go.

    Today’s weather was a nice consolation prize, though. 🙂

  • Yes, today’s weather was pure bliss. I wore jeans. And didn’t break a sweat all day.

  • This is too funny. I was just thinking to myself yesterday that I had never seen you wear a pair of jeans before. Lots of capri’s and skirts here and there, but never jeans. 😀