First a Checkmark, Then a Picture

Right after I crossed off a couple of my 101 Goals in 1001 days, I took a few pictures for posterity.

(psst: try to click on the pictures to make them larger, and clearer.  wordpress made them all fuzzy when it crunched them in the download.)

Here are pictures of the two collage frames I *finally* put together.  The large one has been completed (and hanging on our walls) for maybe 5 years or so.  It was nice to finally put the “bookend” frames with it, and also to include Elijah in our family timeline.

Here’s a closer look:

Also, after paying $6 for a couple of magazine holders, I realized that I could just get a little resourceful and use what I already had at home.  I plan to do some kind of “cover-up” on my craft project soon:

  • Jamie

    What a GREAT use for a cereal box! We got a couple of metal magazine files from Ikea for my son — his magazines seem to multiply like bunnies and take over his room — but I know we’re going to have to get more. I may just try this. Covered with some cute fabric, it would look cute! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

    Great job with the photos. I sooo need to get my act together on that front.

  • you’re so smart! What a clever use of a big cereal box!