“Goal Call”: Week One

From Health and Wellness:

#6:  check in with Wii Fit once per week:  DONE.  I had to go get new batteries for the Fit board, so there was a little more effort this week than just standing on the “scale.”  My body tests went well – I’m even 1.3 pounds less than the last time I checked in (which as *forever* ago!), and my Wii Fit age was 27.  My little Mii did a backflip on that one. 🙂

#7:  increase water consumption significantly:  IN PROGRESS.  You can tell I’m making an effort on this one, just check how much milk is still left in the fridge!

#8:  limit family dessert to twice a week:  DONE.  And surprisingly, the kids have not staged a mutiny.

#13:  establish with a pediatrician in our area:  DONE.  I found a dr who is accepting new patients and will take our insurance.  I was VERY impressed with his office manager – we had a fabulous conversation in which he answered many of my questions before coming in.

#14:  get Eli in for his well-baby checks:  IN PROGRESS.  His first appointment with the new pediatrician is on Tuesday!

From Kids:

#1:  take each child out individually once a month:  IN PROGRESS.  As I see how our schedules will suss out, it will help me to determine how best to accomplish this goal.  Already I have realized that a couple of days a week I have an afternoon hour with just daugher M11.  We’ve decided that one of those days per week we will go to Sonic for their 1/2 price slushies.  We’ve already started a “slushy fund.”  It will be a nice way to check in with her on a weekly basis.

#10:  make significant nighttime routine a priority:  IN PROGRESS.  This past week we were all very good about keeping on a nighttime schedule, remembering to include scriptures and prayer, and getting ready for the next day.  It really helped the subsequent days to run more smoothly.

From Household:

#3:  organize and store magazines for better use and reference:  DONE.  We receive 3 church magazines each month, and have for about 10 years now.  That’s a lot of magazines!  We also have subscriptions to a half dozen other publications, only because we used up some old airline miles to “purchase” them before the credits expired.  Anyway, we’ve had piles of random magazines in tall stacks in our den.  It’s been driving me nuts.  Now I have all the magazines within their titles and months, organized in magazine boxes I either bought or made.

#14:  choose photos, print, and fill the 2 collage frames:  DONE.  I’ve had these two collage frames for about two years.  When we first moved here 9 months ago, I hung them on the wall *hoping* that seeing them every day would encourage me to actually fill them with our own family pictures.  After a while it got embarrassing when people would ask, “Oh, who are these people?”  Well, I had left the store’s black & white stock photos in the frames, so I had total strangers on my wall!  I took the frames down and have just been staring at nails in the wall for a while now.  It was *definitely* about time I completed this project.

In Relationships:

#1.  send out birthday cards to all family and close friends:  IN PROGRESS.  I’m giving myself some flexibility here and expecting to sometimes just send out birthday “greetings.”  This week that has meant three messages sent via Facebook to my nephew, my cousin-in-law’s daughter, and a friend from Oregon.  I’m sure they were all surprised that I remembered, but hey, I’m trying here!

In Church/Spiritual:

#1:  have Family Home Evening every week:  DONE.  Daughter M11 gave a fabulous lesson on the creation, complete with very imaginative drawings.

#2:  read scriptures at least four nights a week:  DONE.  Yeah, us!

From Education/Learning/Talents/Hobbies:

#15:  create massive online photo storage account:  DONE.  This took forever!  I transferred about 3 gigabytes of family photos to my account on Shutterfly.  I actually had forgotten about the account – it had been three years since I last signed on!  I was so grateful I remembered the login information.

So there you have it, week one of my 101 goals in 1001 days.  There are several other goals that I am in the process of accomplishing, so stay tuned for the next Goal Call.