A Sleeper Hit

First of all – for those of you concerned with my possible chemical dependency (coughcoughJamiecoughcough), rest assured that I weaned myself off the vicodin and have been on ibuprofin since yesterday morning.  My back is feeling SO MUCH better, though at times it still strums like a taut rubberband.  My husband braved the three hours of church on his own yesterday – and by “on his own,” I mean on his own with all five kids – and I’m positive that the many hours of rest I was able to receive this weekend helped my back immensely.

But on to bigger and better things.

It’s been three lovely weeks now that our baby has been sleeping through the night.  Can I get a collective WHOOP WHOOP, internet friends and family?  This has been a truly life-changing experience.  I always suspected that I would feel like a new person once I got some consistent sleep, and I’m happy to say I was right.  Along with better sleep at night, Eli’s been taking better naps during the day, too.  SLEEP, it’s a wonderful thing!

I can only attribute this radical change to the fact that he also stopped nursing three weeks ago.  I don’t know if the bottles of formula are leaving him more “full,” or if it’s the emotional independence he has gained learning to soothe himself (rather than relying on my to nurse him).  I just know that the change to bottles coincided exactly with his change in sleep.

What I love more than anything are the moments during the night when I hear him fuss – it’s usually two or three times a night – but instead of staying awake and crying in earnest, we hear him shift around for about 3 minutes before simply falling back asleep.  I’m proud of his independence and comforted that he has found his own way to return to slumber.  Good job, baby!!

  • Woo-hoo! I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I’m also glad to hear that Eli is sleeping through the night. My 6 month old still isn’t, but you give me hope that it *will* happen one day. (My 5 year old started sleeping all night at 6 weeks and never looked back. I was not prepared for a child who didn’t do the same thing.)

  • Jamie

    Mmhm, that’s what I thought: DENIAL. 😉

    And of course… WHOOPx2! Now, can your little guy come over sometime and give my daughter some pointers? (She gets up, and doesn’t stay up long, but still… she’ll be two in October for crying out loud — or weeping quietly in the middle of the night, which is probably a more appropriate way of phrasing it.)

  • Ahhhh… gotta love that!
    A full night’s sleep does make the biggest difference!

    We’ve been so fortunate- Chloe started sleeping anywhwere from 7-9 hours around 5 weeks. She’s almost 11 weeks now. We are still swaddling her at night though…. I wonder if her amazing sleep habits will change when we quit swaddling…..


  • Yeah Eli & Congrats Stacey!!!

  • Woohoo on the baby sleeping through the night.

    I just popped my head up from my studio (can you say, SICK OF LAVENDER??) to say “hi” and see that you’re back has been giving you mucho pain. I’m so sorry to hear that. Hope you continue to heal quickly. oof.

  • Naomi

    sleep? who needs sleep. Vicodin? makes me want to puke. Darvocet, now that’s a different story. I’m glad your back is better. Your husband survived Sunday fabulously, and even came to sing! Don’t let him fool you, 5 kids at church alone is a cakewalk;). I think I’m babbling, maybe I should try that sleep thing…

  • Teeny high five for Eli. Big high five for you.

    Keep it up, little man. Life is better with sleep.