Extreme Makeover: Bad Back Edition

At the end of September, I am hosting several amazing, diverse, talented, intelligent ladies from my book club for our monthly meeting.  As we’ve taken turns at different houses, I’ve been humbled by the lovely design and decor in these women’s homes.  Which only makes me look at my own humble abode and wonder if they’ll all feel like they’re slumming it when they come here next month.

Now OF COURSE they won’t think that, but I will!  I already am!

So in addition to worrying over what kind of food to serve, I’ve already been rethinking wall hangings and bookshelf knick knacks and furniture placement.

Thursday night I restlessly moved this piece here and that piece there, ending the evening with only partial satisfaction in the changes.  It looks like the changes will have to stay, though – at least for now.  Because as a souvenir of my anxious furniture-go-round, I have totally tweaked out my lower back!

It started hurting just a little on Friday, a twinge that I ignored while I continued to pick up, play with, and care for the baby.  By late afternoon the twinge had become a holler, and I put the baby in the other kids’ care while I went to lie down.  By bedtime last night, I was IN PAIN.  I slept very little last night, unable to find a single position that didn’t cause pain.  If lying down still hurts, sitting up in intolerable.  Standing up is doable, but walking requires assistance.  I’m miserable!

I finally found a position in my recliner that is at least 45% comfortable, and I’ve been here all day with a heating pad.  Earlier I found an unopened prescription of vicodin in the back of our medicine cabinet.  I know, I know, quit frowning at me.  I took one, and it has certainly helped.  I know I’ll be home from church tomorrow, but I need to be up and going by Monday since my husband is leaving town.  He and the kids have been fabulous today.  It’s one thing just feeling “sick,” but it’s another thing to simply be unable to move!

Oh, the irony – being totally stuck in the one room I was obsessing over the other day!  I should learn to either (a) relax about the condition of my home, or (b) get the young, physically able kids to move things around FOR me! 🙂