Closing Down Mom’s Diner

With no warning whatsoever, baby Eli has chosen to stop nursing.  I tried feeding him yesterday morning, and he turned his head this way and that before reaching out and biting me for emphasis.  Not wanting to give up too easily, I tried again in the afternoon, only to have him threaten to bite me again, and then turn his attention to playing with the buckle on my belt.

He will be 11 months old next week, and that is by far the longest I’ve ever nursed.  With the other four, it was *me* who wanted to close up shop after 4, 5, or 6 months.  Eli has enjoyed nursing so much, though, and I’ve had what feels like more time and opportunity to oblige.  It’s been a great bonding experience, and at times has been my own secret weapon when needing to calm or comfort him.

He’s had bottles on and off for the last several months, so it hasn’t been much of an adjustment for him.  He eats so much solid food now – three meals a day, a couple of snacks through the afternoon – that he really only drinks 20-24 ounces of formula anyway.  And after next month we can just switch straight over to whole milk.

I’m only the slightest bit sad by the change.  In fact, the most urgent sense of pain is not emotional, but physical!  My body is slow to realize that the demand for milk is just not there anymore, so I’m still producing like mad.  Can I just say, my “personal space” has gotten a whole lot bigger!  No hugs or accidental collisions, please!  Woman in HyperLactation Here!  Ouch.

  • Jen Thomas

    The decision to stop nursing was a huge decision for me with both my kids. Aaron decided he was done at about 7 months, and Brian I had to quit to save my sore nipples at 8 months. Both times I wish I had been able to go longer. I commend you for nursing for 11 months. Good luck with the hyperlactation!

  • Jamie

    Wow. He really makes up his mind when he makes up his mind, huh? At least you don’t have to go through the process of weaning him… although perhaps your body would have appreciated the gradual decrease more than the abrupt and screeching halt. :

  • LCM

    I hurt a muscle in my back and had to prematurely stop nursing Fiona. I was so sad, she was 11 months old and our last and I just wasn’t ready. Neither was she though, she toddled around the house sobbing and just plain bitter. I gave up the drugs after less than 12 hours, expressed what I had and less than 24 hours after we ‘stopped’ , she was back at it. She stopped herself about 2 months later and we were both much more happy about that.

  • You lasted twice as long as I ever did – congrats! It’s such a hard transition though any way you look at it!

  • Good luck with the transition.

    I’ve heard that putting cabbage leaves in your bra helps dry up your milk supply. A friend of mine did it and said it was a lifesaver.