Now That I’m Famous

Some of the established mombloggers I read have been quoted in numerous newspapers, online journals, heck! – one of them even appeared on the Today Show!  But me?  Little ol’ me?  I am nowhere near a legend, not even in my own mind.

So imagine my surprise when I opened this week’s email entitled “Houston Chronicle reporter requesting interview.”  I thought maybe all my Texas-bashing had made it to sensitive ears, and now the city’s major newspaper was sending a What’sYourProblem posse out to get me.  But, no!  It seems the reporter (or freelance writer?  I’m not totally clear) had found the litblog I keep at and wanted to talk with me about the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the popular Twilight book series.

I was immediately skeptical about his request.  For one thing, there was a typo in the email.  I don’t know – it’s kind of like having a doctor show up for open heart surgery with a cut on his chin from shaving.  And then I kept wondering, “What on earth could *I* say that would be of any value in his article?”  I even shared that concern in my return email.  He assured me that my voice and perspective would add loads to his research.  So, with my ego stroked just a little, I gave him my number and scheduled a time for the phone interview.

Can I just say?  Whatever kind of writer he is, he is a GREAT interviewer!  He was very nice and put me totally at ease.  We talked about how I came to the books, what I thought about the different characters, do I recommend them to friends.  He also had some questions about the association between the books and the LDS church.  There are some critics/scholars who have tried to draw parallels between the books and LDS doctrine, or even the Book of Mormon.  My answer to that was simple:  I’ve always been very careful to keep the culture of the church separate from the doctrine of the church.  These books are a cultural phenomenon in the LDS church right now (as they are everywhere!) because (a) they were written by a member of the church, and (b) while they are full of blush-worthy romance, they are still ~this~ side of our standards on language, violence, and sexual content.  They are NOT, however, appropriate resources for a discussion of what Latter-day Saints believe.

We also discussed daughter H14’s status as an uberfan of this book series, which prompted him to ask if he could chat with her, too.  I thought she was going to need medical intervention when she heard this, but she quickly composed herself and talked with him for a few minutes.  My first thought when I read the article was that he had been very kind in omitting all the “like, like, likes” from her part of the conversation. 🙂  All in all, though, I was proud of how she handled herself.

From start to finish, I think we were on the phone with him for about 20 minutes.  Which makes me laugh when I think of what actually made it to print.  If you know me, then I suppose my quotes don’t sound too dumb.  If you DON’T know me, then the idea that I’d compare a campy vampire series to the use of recreational drugs might dissuade you from my acquaintance.  Are you intrigued now?  Well, here’s the link to the article.  I suppose I’ll let you decide for yourself.

  • Wow! Congrats on the fifteen minutes of fame!

  • That is fantastic! How flattering and exciting. I can’t say I blame him for choosing you, your review of the books was wonderful. I love to read your insight. It helps that you and I usually share the same opinion. Cool Beans!

  • Mom

    Good going Stac”E”y and Miss H!! And, yes, it sounds just like you…to me!! 🙂 VERY cool!! xoxoxoxoxo

  • Christina

    Funny … I did notice they spelled your name wrong too 🙂 That’s okay, I’m always ChristinE. Very Cool Stac! How fun for both you and H. Love you all xoxoxo

  • I love your “crack” quote!! It’s cool that he saved you two for last and quoted you as much as he did.

    I always knew I would one day know someone famous!!!

  • RDefnet

    Oh my word! So I JUST found out you had a blog and had to pop on over. I LOVE your writing style! Congrats on being in print. I think I’m the last LDS female on the planet who has not ready any of the Twilight books. Crack, huh? Maybe I should try it after all. LOL. Good to read about you – I’ll be sure to check back!

    P.S. I was thinking of renaming our site Happy Are We. Seriously. Hmm…back to the drawing board.

  • Fabulous! Jackie was talking about that tonight at the YW dinner.

    I am still waiting for my chance to read again. So would you say this series is worth moving to the top of my “Must read list” after such a long break?

  • LCM

    Hey, I actually read that article, that was you? I did actually laugh at your last name…I am sorry. It was just kind of funny that they were talking about book readers. How awesome that you were found out like that. My sister went out last night and got me the book and I am on page 196 at 8:15am our time. I have to say, I was not expecting this! Can’t wait for your review of this book.

  • Jamie

    Neat! Your quote made me laugh — that’s my kind of humor. Hubs and I have frequently referred to the Baby Einstein videos “baby crack” because of the way Em will sit, enthralled, for the duration.

    Sounds like you had fun interviewing for your 15 minutes of fame. And to think, I practically live next door to a celebrity! 😉