Is He a Infler? Or a Toddlant?

Eli turned 10 months old yesterday.  He seems caught somewhere between infant and toddler – he doesn’t seem like such a “baby” anymore, but he’s not walking yet, either.  What do they call kids at this in-between stage?  Maybe TROUBLE will do.

Here’s life with Eli at a glance:

  • still not sleeping through the night.  wakes at least once for 15 minutes while I feed him.   wakes up twice sometimes, and that’s when daddy gets sent in.
  • takes only one good nap during the day.  if I’m lucky we can squeeze in two naps.
  • crawls at the speed of light.  walks along furniture.  was recently seen trying to throw his leg up on the couch in order to climb it.  stands on his own for long periods of time.  can crouch easily into a sit from a standing position.
  • is finally ticklish.  belly laughs when you tickle under his neck or on his thighs.
  • eats anything we put in front of him.
  • gives precious open-mouthed kisses.
  • is starting to understand the idea of snuggling.
  • still nurses 80% of the time (no, he’s never bit me), but takes a bottle easily.
  • has become a ham with a variety of funny facial expressions.
  • points to things.  grunts his thoughts at us.  has an incredibly LOUD scream of discontent.
  • loves to be in the pool!
  • adores, adores, adores his siblings.
  • likes to watch the preschool shows on PBS.
  • has four teeth – two up, two down.  more on the way!
  • does not like when the baby gate blocks his access to the stairs.
  • enjoys chasing the cat around.  when he catches her, though, he’s pretty gentle.
  • starting to play with more sophisticated toys that require stacking, etc.
  • can huck a toy across the room.
  • babbles dada and mama, but I’m sure he doesn’t know what they mean.
  • periodically waves hello and goodbye (when he feels like it).
  • can do the “all gone!” intonation, with hands to side of face and everything. (again, when he FEELS like it)
  • is obsessive about picking fluff out of the couch cushions or stuffed animals or anywhere he can find fluff.
  • discovered his boy parts several weeks ago and now loves it whenever his diaper is off.
  • is often very serious and contemplative when we’re around strangers.

Once we knew we wanted another baby, it took us longer to succeed than with any of the other kids.  And now that Eli is here, I sometimes think he’s going to make us work harder to raise him than the other kids have, too.  He can definitely be a handful, but he’s so dear to us and of course we can’t picture our lives without him.  I know we’re in for some big changes in the next couple of months as he learns to walk and talk.  Good thing this kid is training me to be up to a challenge! 🙂