• Oh, you’re life just got exponentially busier. 😀

  • Mom

    😉 Remember the stairs at 173? You two were older but still very little…I worried everyday about the two of you going up and down those stairs!! xoxoxoxo Good luck Honey! xoxoxoxo

  • my 18 month old has discovered and throws a temper tantrum every time we close the gate to the stairs. Even if he wasn’t planning on going up there.

  • I’m noticing that your carpet is perfectly vacuumed. 🙂

  • LCM

    Oh, I hated stairs with little people. We were looking at tons of cool houses, but when we moved into our upstairs apartment here and it was 10pm and 90 degrees outside and I got exhausted. I didn’t want to have stairs in the house. It’s good because I am usually the one wandering around at night and I am such a klutz!

  • Oh boy. Stairs never look menacing until the BABY discovers them.

    He is absolutely adorable!