To Do List (Inspired by Crawling Baby)

  • buy outlet covers
  • move cat’s scratch post
  • vacuum every inch of downstairs
  • remember to keep bathroom door shut
  • don’t turn my head for more than 30 seconds at a time
  • reconsider placement of cat litter box
  • move coffee table
  • buy some more comfy clothes for sitting on the floor
  • remove temptation to teeth on grody rug edges area rug
  • train the cat to move when determined baby motors over to her
  • rearrange items on bottom of book shelves
  • buy more interactive toys that he will probably ignore
  • beg the cat not to shed anymore
  • brush up on first aid skills

I’m sure I’ll think of more as the needs arise.  This is certainly enough to keep me busy for now, though!!