Things I Will Not Worry About While I’m Away

On Thursday I’m flying to California for a big birthday celebration (not mine – my dad’s and stepbrother’s) and a chance to introduce baby Elijah to his aunties and cousins.  While traveling with an infant creates its own kind of stress, I’ve been looking forward to the things I will NOT have to worry about while I’m gone:

  • what’s for dinner?
  • do we have clean dishes?
  • does the litter box need to be cleaned?
  • has everyone finished their homework?
  • is there food for lunches?
  • have I filled out and signed all the forms I need to fill out and sign?
  • have the kids been playing on the Wii too much?
  • has daughter H14 been on the computer too long?
  • is that project done yet?
  • does everyone have clean clothes?
  • does the cat have food and water?
  • can I run my errands and be home in time to pick up daughter and/or meet the bus?
  • do we have anything for dessert?
  • are we successfully keeping the bugs at bay?
  • does the lawn need to be mowed?
  • did anyone get the mail?
  • are the kids getting along?
  • did the cat pee on anything overnight?
  • when did the kids shower last?
  • whose mess is this?
  • whose socks are these?
  • why are there 8 pair of shoes sitting right OUTSIDE the shoe closet?
  • is it warm enough to use the AC?
  • does anyone have a lesson/scripture/talk to give at church this week?
  • are these books due?
  • when did we rent this movie?
  • etc etc etc

Now that I think of it, I hope my family doesn’t mind to much if I arrive in California, hand them the baby, a can of formula, and a pack of diapers and just SLEEP for five days!!!