The Happii Couple

It’s been ages since my husband and I have had a picture taken together, so I thought I’d create a little something in honor of our 15 years together. 

Here, via our Wii, is how our “photo shoot” went today:


Robb started things off by throwing a little smack-talk around.  I think it had something to do with his fitness age being one year younger than MY fitness age.


(this is me thinking to myself “oh no you di.n’t!”)


When he doesn’t take it back, you can see how steaming mad I get!


I tell him:  “You sure you wanna be messin’ with me, fool?  I’m the boxing champ in this here house!!”


(and now we see he can DISH it, but he can’t TAKE it!)

We both spend a minute cooling off, and after a few more “takes,” we end up with a pretty ok picture together:


Ahhh!  Happii at last!