My husband flew to Saint Louis on Monday to do some very routine and not-in-his-job-description work for his employer.  He was working with a team of other regional managers, and together they got the job done by late Tuesday.  He was scheduled to fly out yesterday (Wednesday) at 6pm, but tried to get on the earlier flight.  No such luck.  In fact, there hasn’t been anything even remotely associated with luck happening for my husband in the last two days.

He is STUCK in Saint Louis!  Yesterday afternoon some nasty storms rolled through Houston, putting the international airport on a “red alert,” so noone was flying in or out.  The airline put my husband in a hotel last night and told him to come back early this morning.  We’re still having storms here, but the real doozie is happening in Saint Louis with new snow storms, ice, freezing rain, the works.  Everything at the airport there was cancelled for today.  He said the terminal is NUTS right now with people all over the place.  He’s considering renting a car and trying to trudge his way out of town and back home.  Either that, or take his chances again tomorrow, though the forecast doesn’t look too good for that, either.

I know he wants this nightmare to end – he sat in the airport for 6 hours yesterday before they called everything off, and he was actually ON BOARD a plane for a few hours today before they brought everything and everyone back off of it.  But it makes me nervous to think of him on the road, too.  

I’m so grateful he has a laptop with him to check out all of his options.  I’m glad he has a cell phone to call and keep me updated.  I’m grateful that my kids are so good and flexible and that I’m not at all overwhelmed with his extended trip.  I’m grateful that he has a warm, safe home to come home to.  I’m glad this will all be over in the next couple of days (before he has to turn around and leave for Chicago on Monday!).  Oy vey.