I Hear Tulsa Is Lovely in the Winter

This a quick update to the previous post:  my husband has rented a car and is now driving from Saint Louis to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He will catch a flight tomorrow in Tulsa and make it back here to Houston, just 48 hours or so after he had anticipated being home.  For all the inconvenience, I’m still very grateful for modern travel options.

  • Mom

    He is certainly going to be well-traveled by the time you leave Texas!! 🙂 xoxoxo

    It’s been interesting to have him call and give me updates on the landscape, etc. He said that southern Missouri was a lot prettier than he had expected. He said there were rolling hills and forested areas. We’re trying to put together a big 4th of July trip to see some of the states around us. We’ve got to take advantage of being in another area of the US! sn

  • Has he made it back yet???

    Well, I”m thinking one of your trips needs to be Tennessee to come see us in our new home! We could have some fun in Nashville with the kiddos!


    Oh yes, yes, he’s home! He got home Friday morning. The flight he was originally booked on left at 8am, but he got to the terminal at 6am and asked to get on an earlier flight. Good thing he did, because that later flight ended up getting cancelled (more bad weather). He said he would have gone nuts being delayed ONE MORE day!!

    I think Nashville would be amazing. One of those cities I figured I’d never see – and now I’m not ~all~ that far away from it! Let’s keep in touch about that! sn