• Naomi


    Like you said, if only UPS had pulled up just then! 😉 sn

  • Ha ha! Know what’s scary to me? That flat blank sky. The trees are two feet tall. I see a smidgen of grass. Deadish. Do you miss green?

    Oh…so the top of the frame is actually one of the slats on my blinds. But even though *I* took the picture, I still thought it was the sky, too. Sometimes it does look like that here, and on those days the air also smells very odd. Everything just stale and almost moldy. The trees in my area ARE tiny because it’s a new development, but there are some taller trees close by. Yes, yes, yes, I miss the green. But even more than that I miss any kind of rise in the horizon. It is sooooo flat here!! I wish FedEx or DHL could deliver me a little piece of home! 🙂 sn

  • Maybe UPS was around the corner? Great photo.

  • Dallas

    In response to your response to Inkling: Go west young woman! Leave the concrete jungle of Houston behind and head for San Antonio or Austin. No mountains to speak of but you will encounter a “rise in the horizon.” Austin in particular is “hilly” and situtated in whats called the Texas Hill Country. The San Antonio Temple sits on top of one of those “hills.” If you want to do something very Texan, I’ll show you the best spots where the Bluebonnets grow and you can take a family photo without all the tourists around. 100% chance of encountering some green while doing so! 🙂

    I really do keep forgetting that even though it *feels* like Spring, we haven’t even gotten to that time of year yet! People have assured me that there is green (and blue!) to be seen when the timing is right. 🙂 sn