It’s 11PM and I’m Attempting to Wax Philosophical

There is an interesting phenomenon that happens in the friends/blog universe.  Allow my over-tired, sticky-eyed self to try and explain.

With your day-to-day friends, sharing your blog can feel like the strangest kind of self-promotion (“Lookie, lookie!  I’m on the internet!  I write clever vignettes of my comical life!  Don’t you want to spend your precious free time admiring my style?“).  And there is always the fear of how your friends might try to reconcile the “live you” vs. the “blog you” (“Hmmm…she makes herself look all cute and chipper, but I could tell some stories…“). 

I have friends who know about my blog and won’t read it because they say it feels too much like peeking into my diary.  But that doesn’t make sense to me because (a) I told them it was ok to look at it in the first place, and (b) if it really WERE my diary, it would have pink fuzzy stickers and the words “I (heart) Jack Sparrow” all over it.

And then I suppose there are friends who know about my blog and would just rather NOT read.  To them I say:  ok, fine, wutever.

To the (very) few of you who DO read…thanks!  Keeping a blog is a fun way for me to crank the cerebral engine just a little every day, and I have fun staying in contact with people.  (although ::cough, cough:: it wouldn’t hurt for you to comment a little more!) 

Tonight I stumbled upon a large handful of blogs by people I knew in Oregon.  I had no idea WHILE I was in Oregon that they kept blogs, but now that I’ve subscribed to their feeds, I’ll be reading daily.  Because whether or not it’s borderline socially awkward, I still believe blogs are a great way to communicate and connect!  (Even with people you KNOW!)  

(ps…it’s really sad how many times I had to proofread this post.  and i’m sure it’s still not 100%.  i’m going to bed now!!)