Look! Look! Look! It’s Oregon!

That was me, screaming like a maniac, when they showed the girl from Selma, Oregon on American Idol last night.  She was the pretty blonde in the flowy white and pink off-the-shoulder outfit.  The one who sold her favorite barrel horse to pay for the trip to audition.  The one who sang “Amazing Grace.”  Anyone?  Anyone?

Well, maybe you don’t remember her (and how can I blame you, when the guy who waxed his chest for Paula was SOOO much more memorable!), but I totally freaked out when they showed pictures of her hometown.  THAT IS OREGON, Y’ALL!  Green, lush, soggy, beautiful.

Oh, I thought I was going to cry.  I had thought my homesickness was getting better – and actually, I do belive that’s true – but it surprised me that a few pictures from home could bring everything back so raw.

We always pick a handful of favorites every year on American Idol, and so far, this gal from home is at the top of our list!!

  • Mom

    We saw her…we saw her!!!! 🙂 We felt the same way! Lookie…lookie…she’s from OREGON!!!

    They were in Texas in tonight’s episode. Did you see? All the “Texas stars” and the flatlands? Yep…that’s Texas! 🙂 sn

  • Naomi

    Saw and noted because y’all are from Oregon. And I thought “Oh look, Oregon And Hooray, she doesn’t suck! Go Oregon!”

    Yeah, they always set these pretty people up with their nice stories, and then you have to wince and hold your breath when they get started with the audition – you just NEVER know how it’s gonna go! What’s so funny is that she’s from Oregon but has a country “thang” going on with her voice. I guess there’s a little bit o’ country wherever you go! sn

  • Hey Stacey, sing with me:

    “I am your brother. Your best friend forever. Singing the songs, to the music that you like. Brothers until the end of time, together or not you’re always in my heart. ”

    I’m rolling in the floor. When Paula busted out the sign language, I wept. 😀

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…ahhhh, good times. My husband was in the other room during this part of the show and he called out to us, “What on *earth* is happening in there?” I was laughing so hard and clapping my hands, and I seriously just about lost it when Paula jumped in. Simon is probably right – that’s going to be a HIT record!! :0) sn

  • Hee… we had it on TIVO and rewound it to watch a couple of times. HA! SO darn funny.