Tour of Homes (Well, Our Home Anyway)

Because I’m sure you’re interested in seeing how the “other half” lives (cough, cough, yeah…right!) I thought I’d post some pictures of our new place in Texas.  Pictures never translate the real feel of a house, but maybe you’ll get some ideas of how we’re doing here.


When you first walk into our house, you’re in the living room.  There is a very short little entry space, with a huge closet in front of the entry door (we’ve made that our “shoe closet” and we have tons of shelves…and tons of shoes…in there).  Here’s another view of the living room:


I’ve managed to get some Christmas things on shelves and such, but we’re holding off on putting anything on the newly-painted walls until after the holidays.  We realize that we’re desperate for more seating in this room, and hopefully we’ll be able to fix that in the next couple of months.  The two chairs by the front door are meant to hold the space for a bench that we eventually want to put there.  We figure if we’re going to ask people to take off their shoes, they should have a place to sit while doing that.  It makes me think of Mr. Rogers coming and going.  🙂  The little table by the “bench” chairs has become what we call our “library table”.  It’s where all the library books go – from school and the public library – just so I can keep track of all of them.  I love that my family needs one of those!

Here is our new friend, Enrique:


He’s in the corner of the living room you can’t see in the other two pictures.  We’ve welcomed him into our home as a long-lost friend from Oregon.  We would have been able to cut him ourselves and save about $17 on the gas money it took to drive him to Texas, but we’re glad he’s here.

Moving through the house, you then enter the dining room:


We desperately want a large run to go under the table, and I’m sure we’ll pick one up as soon as we have an extra $500 or $600 sitting around (rugs are spendy!!!).  Please ignore the experiment on the mantle front.  The last people painted the mantle a horrible black and white, and we thought we’d try to get it to a nice all-brown.  A few strokes of the color we picked and we realized it wasn’t much of an improvement. 

What you can’t see in this picture is long wall perpendicular to the table.  I’ve put up some family pictures there, but I think a nice large buffet would look great against that wall.  I’m surfing craigslist every day.  The wall parallel to the table that leads into the dining room was the perfect spot to showcase my beautiful graduation present my father-in-law made for me:


I absolutely love this gorgeous cedar chest.  It’s heavy and smells great and is very impressive in person.  The crews on both sides of the move made many comments about it beauty!

Before you actually transition from the living room to the dining room, there is a short hall to the right, where there is a large storage closet, the laundry room, a full bathroom, and what we’re calling “the den.”  It was originally meant to be just my husband’s office, but we’ve decided to make it multi-purpose for now.  It’s also (as you can see) multi-messy:


Speaking of messy…if we go back to the dining room, I can show you how it opens up into the kitchen.  Please note the several feet of lush counter space, just perfect for every single nook and cranny to land on.  With a family our size, I think it’s going to be impossible to keep the counter on the right clear of junk.  I also put a “command central” desk in the kitchen, since I figure it’s a good place for the kids to put all school papers that need to be signed, etc, and also a place for me to open and sort through mail and other such nonsense.  I also absolutely adore the huge walk-in pantry in the corner there.  It’s just the *filling* of the pantry that hurts a little.  (and, so here’s the kitchen:)


The staircase upstairs is in the hallway I mentioned (between the living room and dining room).  Just at the top of the stairs is the gameroom, a room that’s sort of hard to capture on film because it’s shaped oddly.  Here’s one view:


…and here’s another…


This is an area that really needs a lot of work.  And as if filling this space efficiently weren’t hard enough, we have one other little area upstairs that we refer to as “the nook”:


It’s just outside the kids’ bedrooms, and seems like the perfect spot for a large table and chairs.  I mean, since it’s next to the gameroom and all the games are in the large closet in the upstairs hallway, it would make sense for them to have a place to play cards or play with legos or whatever else they want to do.

I didn’t take pictures of the three bedrooms for the kids, or their bathroom.  They’re all big (and mostly empty…we moved from a much smaller house!).  I DID, however, take a picture of the master bedroom, which surprised my husband.  It is hard to believe that I’d want to publish the pit that is my bedroom, but maybe some of you moms out there understand how the bedroom becomes the LAST thing on your mind when there’s an entire house to run.  Anyway, here is our cavernous (the picture doesn’t do it justice!) master bedroom:


I stopped just shy of publishing the picture I took of our master bath.  The angles make it hard to convey just what it looks like.  It’s huge, though, and totally unecessary (the hugeness, not the fact that there’s a bathroom…that, I like).  We have two ginormous closets in the bathroom suite (in addition to a large linen closet), and all of our clothes fit in about 1 tenth of one of the closets.  The idea is to make the other (empty) closet into a craft room for me.  That will be fun when it comes together.  Looking at the closets, I could totally see how someone could make one of them into a little nursery.  There’s absolutely enough room for a crib, rocker, and changing table, and then you’d have the baby close by, too.  Good idea for someone else, but not necessarily for me.  🙂

So, that’s my home.  I might edit this later to add an external view of our place, but right now I hear the baby over the monitor and he’s getting a little more insistent with each passing minute.  Later!