Television Worth Watching

I could make some more observations about the weather here, but you might be tired of that already.  At the risk of boring you further, though, I’d just like to say that I think it’s utterly strange to live in an area where you can hit your “hi” temp anywhere in a 24hr period (like…say…at 6am??).  In my experience on the west coast, the warmest point of your day is early afternoon (12-2 in California) or later afternoon (3-5 in Oregon).  Never when you’re getting your kids up for school!  But the weather fronts move in all sorts of unpredictable ways here, and so whereas it was 72 degrees this morning, it was in the 50’s by the time school was out (oh, glorious cold weather!!!).

Okay, enough of that.

Now on to my observations about Houston metro television.  First of all, you know how an announcer will say a show will be airing at “8, 7 Central”?  Well, now *I’M* the one he’s talking to with the “Central” part.  It’s taking me a while to understand that everything is an hour ahead of everything else here (in terms of tv programming, that is).  It feels so bizarre to watch the “late night talkshows” at 10pm.  10pm is late night?  Pshaw.  I also want to say to all the major players in Portland, Oregon news:  I miss you.  Houston is obviously a much larger market, but I have to say that I’ve been unimpressed by their local news stations here.  Yikes!  There is one channel here, though, that is the stuff of dreams.  It’s Channel 55 (“Television Worth Watching!).  For much of the day (and the wee night hours) it shows dumb infomercials, but for a large chunk of the day – from about 11am to 6pm – they show the most glorious old shows!  Hart to Hart, Charlie’s Angels, Party of Five, Fantasy Island, Hawaii 5-O, and (my mother would love this!) Magnum PI.  Right now Bailey is working through his newly revealed alcohol addiction on Party of Five.  It’s just as heart-wrenching now as it was in the 90’s! (especially last week’s episode when he went to his first AA meeting and saw the drunk driver who killed his parents!).  Hey, I know some of you out there know what I’m talking about.  😉

The only other bit of TV programming that has brought a smile to my face recently is the newly revamped The Price is Right with Drew Carey.  Holey canole…has anyone been watching this?  It is HILARIOUS.  Anymore I watch it just to see what Drew’s going to do or say, but I suppose seeing people win stuff is nice, too.  If you’re home some time in the morning (check your local listings!) you should check it out.