But It’s a Dry Rain

Everything in our city is wet in the mornings – not because of rain, but because of the heavy dew.  It’s crazy.  It sprinkled a little bit here today, but we were already sweating from the humidity and the 80 degree temperature.  A “cold front” heads in tomorrow, dropping temperatures DOWN to 67 degrees.  Gee, I don’t know how I’ll survive. (snicker, snicker)

Someone at church said to me, “You’re from Oregon?  So, you’re just moving from one wet climate to another!” (I didn’t know until we moved here, but Houston averages 43 inches of rainfall a year, while Portland averages 36).  I told the woman, “Yeah, but it’s a dry rain.”  We both laughed at that, but in a sense, it’s true.  When it rains in Portland, you just go on your merry way, sans raincoat or umbrella.  In fact, if you DO have an umbrella, they know right away that you’re a California transplant.  In Houston, though, when it rains, you get SOAKED.  It’s the humidity and the amount of rain that falls all at once.  In terms of weather, there will be lots of adjustments on our part, but I just keep thinking to myself, “You know, it is what it IS, so why bother trying to decide if you’ll like it or not?”

What I really *do* like is our new ward (congregation) at church.  My husband had called our new Bishop three or four weeks ago, so when we arrived today, everyone was expecting us.  We had so many people introducing themselves and making us feel so welcome.  I had some good laughs with some women there, and our kids already found friends in their classes at school.  Saturday the 8th is the Ward Christmas Party, and then a social for the adults.  I’m glad we have events that we can go to so soon.

I realized today that living in such a new house (built in 2005) is going to be a huge time-saver.  We just moved from a house that was built in 1964 and it had MAJOR issues with the plumbing.  Honestly, you could not so much as brush your teeth when someone was taking a shower, ’cause the person in the shower would get blasted with either hot or cold water.  So we always had to do one thing at a time – no doing dishes while the washer was running, no taking two showers at once.  Here, I can do EVERYTHING all at ONE TIME!!!  All three girls can shower *and* I can run a load of laundry.  Oh, oh, oh, and the dishwasher!  The dishwasher!  There is NO SCRUBBING involved!!  I love cracking the dishwasher open after every load, because it’s like a huge surprise every time.  Lo and behold, though I have not scrubbed each dish prior to putting it in, everything comes out clean and shiny every time!!!  And I got all high and mighty today and programmed my oven to start baking at a particular time so I could take a nap, but still get the lasagna started on time.  Holy cow, I tell you what – living with modern water systems and appliances TOTALLY ROCKS!!  We also have a water-softening system throughout the house.  Can someone tell me what the purpose of that is?  Because I don’t really know the point, but I do know that I kinda like it.  The water is so bubbly, and, well…soft.  We also have a faucet at the kitchen sink (separate from the tap) that is specifically filtered drinking water.  I’m feelin’ like George and Weezie, movin’ on up indeed!

The three elementary kids start school tomorrow, and they are all very nervous.  But so cute, too.  They asked for Father’s Blessings tonight, which is something we do in our church.  My husband sat each of them down and said a special prayer for them for the start of their new school.  It was also Fast Sunday today, and our family decided to fast for the new school experience.  My specific request was that they really FEEL the Spirit with them, helping to comfort them and remember how great they are.  It’s going to be a bit more work to get my junior high daughter registered at school; we’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

Now I’m off to put out some Christmas decorations.  Seems kinda funny to be doing that when it’s so warm outside, but we’ve gotta try to stick with SOME sense that it’s really December the 2nd!