Welcome to Texas

There were days I thought I just wasn’t going to make it.  I knew *intellectually* that OF COURSE I would make it, but some days were filled with so much exhaustion and stress and worry that I really thought I was going to lose it.

Last Tuesday – the day of the “Big Move” – was a miracle.  We had to:  drop off the cat at the cargo center, return the rental car, take the shuttle to the airport terminal, check 9 pieces of luggage, get four kids, a newborn, and ourselves through security, find our six seats on the plane, keep the 4 kids and newborn happy for four hours, go get our luggage at the baggage claim, pick up the cat from the cargo desk, take a shuttle to the car rental center, go get a litter pan at Walmart, drop the cat off at the new house (there was no power or running water yet, or else we would have stayed), and get to our hotel.  And you know what?  It all went off WITHOUT A HITCH.  Can you believe it???  I kept thinking at the end of the day, “I cannot believe what we just did today!”  We ate “dinner” at 10:30pm at the Denny’s across from our hotel, and we were a seriously motley crew.  But we were all together, all in one piece, safe and sound at our new home in Texas.

The movers came on Wednesday, and that was a semi-fun experience.  On one hand, it was a little wierd telling people what to do (this goes here, that goes there), but on the other hand, it was so awesome to have all the boxes where they needed to be in the first place.  It sure makes unpacking LOTS easier!!!

Our new house is amazing.  I knew it would be, but really, it’s AMAZING!!!  More than twice the size of the house we just left.  It has been so much fun getting to “know” it.

It has also been fun getting to know our new city (just outside of Houston).  I got the kids enrolled in school, and they’ll start on Monday.  We already went and got our library cards, too.  The kids were irritated that I set a 4-item max for them on this first trip, but there’s just too much chaos going on in our house right now to add some library books to the mix!  We found a radio station we all like.  We know where 2 of the Walmarts are.  We thinks it’s very interesting that the stop lights go horizontally instead of vertically.  We all wore shorts and sandals today with the 83 degree weather!  We love the tons and tons and tons (did I mention TONS?) of birds around here!  And yesterday we survived our first “Big Bug” encounter.  There was a little squeeling involved, but we lived.  🙂  Gas is cheaper here than Oregon, but the milk costs much more.  Oh, and the Christmas trees.  We saw some at Home Depot for $30 (we usually pay $10…and we cut it ourselves).  We asked the guy where their trees were from, and he said, “Oregon.”  Yeah, that’s what we thought.

We’re all doing very well, and we’re excited to go to church tomorrow and meet some new people.  We’ve met two of our neighbors, and they are incredibly nice.  I’ll try to keep things updated as we continue to get settled in! 

  • Oh! I’ve been holding good thoughts for you and your move. I’m so glad that you’re all there safe and sound. Warning, merging onto the highway there is, uh, interesting. 😀 (My in-laws live just outside Dallas).

  • Amy

    I just read this and found it very interesting. I had assumed that you had it in your mind before you even came to Texas that you wouldn’t like it. I stand corrected. I don’t know what else to say, this was just very interesting to me. 🙂

    • When Robb bore his testimony recently, he said we came “kicking and screaming” to Texas, which was totally untrue. I called him on it after the meeting, too, reminding him that we were SUPER excited to come to Texas. We looked forward to so many new adventures and had such high hopes. It was after a few months of realizing how much we missed things that were important to us (more community-minded principles, like sidewalks, bike lanes, public transit, recycling services, farmers markets, etc, less of a “what subdivision do you live in?” and single-minded, mememe mentality, plus a total lack of natural beauty and attractions), and then of course once the summer came it was the weather, THAT was when we realized how unhappy we were. Before that I was full of optimism about living there. It just never did work out for us! 🙂