One Night Down

 On a scale from 1 to 10, my sleep last night can be rated as a 6.5.  Not bad, considering that I am sleeping in a bed just this far away from the baby’s crib!  I never sleep very well when I can hear every breath and squirm my babies make during the night.

The movers came and packed yesterday, and it apparently took a crew of 5 men just 4.5 hours to pack all our earthly belongings. It took the foreman longer than that to label and inventory everything!  Our house is a total wreck, which surprised me a little, since I actually imagined that they would stack things very orderly and sorta clean as they went.  Like the Martha Stewart of movers, I guess.  Yeah…not so much.

Our foreman is an incredibly nice man named Del.  He owns the ginormous semi that he’s driving, and he’s proud of his tricked-out cab.  He says he’s got a 20-inch flat-screen TV, two beds, a shower, fridge and freezer, the works!  He’s based out of Ohio but originally from Kentucky, and he has the most awesome accent and way of talking.  It will be fun to see him on the other side of our move in Texas.

Today will be another busy day, but hopefully not as crazy as yesterday.  I had to laugh at how life just never “stops”!  Yesterday morning after we met with the movers, I had to run to the store and get something for the kids for lunch, pick up some art supplies for a project in my daughter’s class, drop all that off at the school, go and help my husband check out of the hotel they were in on Monday, go and check IN to the hotel we’re at this week, go back to the school and go to my daughter’s DARE graduation, meet up with the movers again, come back to the hotel for a short break, take my daughter to youth group, then pick up a crib from friends that we need to have loaded in the truck today, then FINALLY come back to the hotel for the night!  Yikes.  I put our baby down at about 10pm last night, and no wonder he hasn’t woken up yet (it’s now about 7am).  I think that *I* could probably sleep for the next two days!

Well, we need to get the kids off to their last day of school.  I’m anticipating many tears this afternoon, and I’m going to try to be patient and tender with them.  It’s a little hard, since there’s still so much going on, but I know it’s important to stop for a minute and acknowledge that even with this big exciting change, there’s a little heartbreak, too.  I’ll check in again when I can.