Taking One for the Team

My husband took the four older kids to the hotel tonight, then came back to help with all the last minute needs in the house (baby and I are sleeping here for our last night in the house).  I daresay we’re just about there.  A few more sweeps through each room oughta do the trick.

One thing we had to do was defrost the fridge and freezer.  That meant emptying everything out and finding homes for a wide array of condiments.  We opened the freezer, though, and discovered a tasty little treat!  About a quarter of the Tillamook Mint Chip ice cream container was still full!  My husband earnestly told me that I had to take care of it myself.  Oh, if I must!

He also left a crock of sourdough start on the kitchen counter.  It seems that he just couldn’t bring himself to destroy something his mother painstakingly created for us back in the Spring.  That we haven’t touched…since…the Spring (like *I* would know what to do with a sourdough start!).  So, although I appreciated her efforts, it was left to me to drain it into the garbage disposal.

Looks like I’m getting all the tough jobs tonight!

Now I need to unplug all the electrical equipment in the house, which means I’m signing off for a bit.  We’ll have wireless at the hotel this week, but I’m not all that sure what kind of time I will have to log on.  I’ll be in touch, though.  Happy Trails!