Tick Tock Tee

We’re at the stage of our move when you start hearing a lot of…”This is our last Saturday in this house,” “This will be our last Sunday morning getting ready for church in this house,” and “This is the last time we’ll use the stove in this house,” etc etc etc.

My husband’s brother and his family are here this weekend helping us with things around the house, and yesterday they busted out some MAJOR work on the front and back yards.  I jokingly wondered aloud if maybe we shouldn’t just change our minds and stay – the yards look ~that~ good!  But alas, we are sticking with this huge relocation from Oregon to Texas, and things are progressing as they should.

We found out last week that the movers will be here on Tuesday instead of Monday (as planned), and I can’t tell you the relief that swept over me.  We’re still going to check into a hotel on Monday, but now I know for sure I will have an empty house – void of children who keep making messes! – to scan through for last-minute organizational needs. 

I’ve heard a lot of “Wow, you don’t have any work to do if the movers are going to pack you!”, but frankly, if I must UNpack this house 2000 miles from here, do I really want to bring all the clutter we’ve been collecting over the last 7 years?  No, thank you.  Besides that, everything will be placed in the rooms they were packed from, and it does take quite a bit of work to get your house organized in such a way were things are ACTUALLY WHERE THEY BELONG.

The movers will pack on Tuesday and load on Wednesday, and then the fun begins with painting and cleaning the inside of the house.  We have so many good friends that have offered up their time over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and so I’m actually much less panicked than I was before.  We’ll get things ship-shape around here in no time.  And for their part, the kids are pretty excited to be living in a hotel for a week.  To them, it means swimming every day, watching cable TV, and eating a huge hot breakfast every morning.  I do think we’ll try to make the whole process as fun as possible for them.

And then…and then…on Tuesday the 27th we fly to Texas!  My sister-in-law said that every time she pictures the scene at the airport, it makes her laugh.  She threatened to show up with a video camera and record it all!  For there will be my husband and I, the four kids and our newborn (with accompanying stroller and car seat!), all of our luggage, and the cat.  It will truly be a sight to behold!  If any of it does get recorded for posterity’s sake, I’ll be sure to share it here!  🙂

  • Mom

    I must admit…Dad and I have amused ourselves off and on during the week just visualizing the “airport scene”!! 🙂 What an adventure it will be for all of you! We’re assuming the kitty will be staying with you in the hotel as well. Thank goodness…just about the time the “fun” wears off at the hotel…. it will be time to leave! Hang in there Mommy…it will be quite a ride for the next few weeks! xoxoxoxoxox 🙂

  • Blessings on the move, Stacey. I’ll be holding good thoughts for you and your loved ones as you make this transition.

    I know that “this is the last time” mantra. In fact, I always make sure I’m the last person who leaves our home when we move. I walk through the house, saying thank you to all the spaces that have sheltered us over the years. It’s become my own kind of tradition… and somehow, it makes the leaving easier.

    As for movers. I’ve done that move so many times… and the one time I allowed movers to pack my things, they packed our trash! and left our good silverware. Uh, yeah. Since then, I’ve refused. Movers can pick up my boxes and put them back down, but I put stuff in them! 😀 Heh.

    Anyhow, hang tight. Just think, Christmas in your new home. You’ll be just about unpacked by then, right? 😀