Evidently He’s Feeling the Same Way

So I suppose I can erase any guilt I felt about needing to adjust back to cohabitational life with my husband.  Now that he’s home for good, I realize he has picked up some…shall we say…”habits” that need a little refinement.  After all, he’s been living in hotels for the last nine weeks.  Hotel that have MAIDS.  And he hasn’t been sharing the bathroom with another living soul, especially one who prefers both toilet seat AND lid down when not in use.  He said to me yesterday that’s he’s become a “pig” in his pseudo-bachelorhood.  I wouldn’t necessarily agree with the term “pig,” but it is clear that we both have some behavioral shifts to make before we’re back to 100%.

In spite of all this, I still say:  What’s a good marriage without a little renegotiation from time to time?