Goodbye Maya

Tonight, my oldest daughter’s cat – a 4yr old sweetie named Maya – very suddenly, without warning, minus any sort of change in behavior, climbed up onto my other daughter’s bed and died.

We are all in shock.  The grief has hit my daughter in waves.  I’ve never been through this before and am at a loss for what to do or what to say.  I’m in a panic, wondering if our other cat – 10yr old Lola – is alright, and if there’s something immediate we need to do for her health.  I can’t do much before morning, though – there’s the baby to care for, my other kids to comfort, my husband to get to the airport at 4am.  I’m hoping that 8 o’clock tomorrow morning is soon enough for me to get both cats to the vet – one to see what might have happened, and one to see what happens now.

If anyone has any insight or words of wisdom, I’d be glad to take them.  This is completely uncharted territory, and very sad indeed.


  • April

    I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s loss. It was so hard when we lost Boo kitty several years ago but that was our choice because she was so sick. Anyway……..we all cried for days and still love to talk about how she was and how we adopted her. We look at pictures and laugh at how young the kids were and how much Ashley “loved” on her. When you get settled maybe a new friend would be good. Your Lola will miss her just as much. Love you!!