The Truth About Bed Rest

What I have learned in the last many days about being on bed rest:

Not being ABLE to do anything is not nearly as fun as not HAVING to do anything or CHOOSING not to do anything.

The bed part of bed rest can actually be substituted with recliner rest or couch rest, but it still makes you sore in all sorts of annoying places.

You can still miss a stitch on the scarf you are knitting, even though you have absolutely zero other distractions.  In this way, I believe BED rest also leads to BRAIN rest (or brain mush, really).

It’s ok to get up and move for about 10-15 minutes per hour, but make sure the kids aren’t looking, or else they’ll think you’re “cured.”

Feet don’t hold up well to the intense scrutiny they face when in your line of sight all day long.  I think I’ll put “pedicure” on my list of to-dos after the baby is born.

Being completely inactive all day wears you out.  Until it’s time to go to bed at night.  And then you can’t sleep at all.

How many more days of this?  Less than a week, methinks.  I’m such a whimp.