Incomplete Sentences

Here’s a quick review of my last many days:

high blood pressure!  bed rest!

non-stress tests twice a week

non-stress test on Monday (Aug 27) sends me to the hospital – top reading of bp=205/105.  scary stuff

in the hospital for three days.  deliver baby now?  wait a little?  any meds that will work to control my whacked-out blood pressure?

combo of two meds finally have results:  labetelol and nifedipine

more non-stress tests, more appointments

STRICT bed rest

cooperative (mostly) children

cooperative (extremely) husband

very kind friends helping out in huge ways

doctor says today:  lets get through next Thursday (Sep 6) to make it 37 weeks even, then lets get the ball rolling.  this involves a fluid draw to make sure baby is a-ok, and then they’ll deliver.

oh, and just for kicks:  in triage at hospital on Monday, husband gets call that he got the job in Texas.  Will be relocating to Houston some time between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

going back to my bed now.

ps:  have been spending some time on the couch watching A&E’s Pride and Prejudice.  Mr Darcy is good medicine, I tell you.  🙂