It’s a Win-Win Situation, Unless You Don’t Like Bugs

I haven’t written anything about this yet, and I’m not going to go whole-hog on detailing our journey with this right now, but my husband interviews on Wednesday for a job with his company that would relocate us to the Houston area.  Of Texas.  From the Portland area.  Of Oregon.  Big change.

It’s strange to be so totally entranced by something so totally abstract as the possibility of moving.  Add that, though, to my struggles to maintain my sanity with four kids home on summer break, and contemplating my first newborn in 6.5 years (not to mention…you know…LABOR and all that), and my mind has been one big jumbled knot of thoughts.  It’s not bad, either.  Just jumbled.

Lots and lots of questions.  The “what abouts” and the “what ifs” and the “then whats”.  It’s enough to plum tucker you out.

Our kids have been amazing with envisioning a move.  At first they were shocked – and slightly horrified – when my husband told us he was going to apply for the job.  But we’ve been talking about all the pros:  advancement in the company, better salary, company car, working 50% of the time from home, moving to an area with a MUCH lower cost of living (hence greater possibilities for home ownership, and dare I say, some little luxuries?).  And then there’s just the adventure of it all.  The kids have really opened their hearts and minds to the idea of it, and I’m proud of how mature they’ve been.

Yes, I know there are cons, too – even aside from all the obvious ones like leaving friends and family and our cozy comfort zone.  There’s the heat, there’s the bugs.  OH, the bugs.  Why is that the first thing people talk about when I mention Houston?  I’m sure it’s the same with “rain” whenever someone mentions “Oregon.”  And there will be a difference in social culture, I know.  And still…just not enough reasons to NOT go for the opportunity.

My husband’s mother thinks we’re so focused on what this job change could mean for us that she’s afraid we’ll be “devastated” if it doesn’t pan out.  I’m sorry she got that impression, because you know what?  We’d love to stay in Oregon, too.  If we stay, we will need to make some changes, that much is sure.  We need to be more assertive with my husband’s career in order to secure the kind of future we now know we want.   If nothing else, contemplating a big change like this has helped us to see that we can do it – that we can conquer fear and preconceptions in order to attack some of the dreams we have for our family.

My husband flies to Wisconsin, of all places, for his interview on Wednesday.  He’ll be meeting with two high-level area managers of his company to talk about this new job.  I’m not sure when we’ll know anything – I keep telling the kids to just hang tight.  Even if he DOES get the job, we’re not sure when he’ll need to report to Houston, and how things will work out on a timeline of relocating.  Again, we’re back to all the jumbled questions.

For now, I’m feeling very blessed to be in what I see as a win-win situation.  Either we go to Houston and carve out this new path for ourselves, or we stay in Oregon and learn how to carve a new path in old territory.  Either way, we’re a family – and location can’t do a darned thing to change that happy fact!