Our New Piano!

Here it is…the newest addition to our family!  With six men helping my husband, they managed to get this out of the other woman’s home with just a smudge on one of her walls (apparently she wasn’t too upset about it).


In fact, they did a bit more damage getting into our house than they did getting it out of hers!  All the scuffing you see on the right front of the piano was from getting in our front door (grrr…).  Ah well, I suppose it could have been much worse.  I know the picture is dark, but can you see the amazing carving on the front?  We believe the wood is mahogany.  Oh, it’s so beautiful!  And the legs on the side have some beautiful carving, too.  About four of the keys are chipped, but it’s in overall fabulous shape.  The keys look like real ivory, too!


It’s a McPhail piano, model is “Boston Symphony,” I guess.  We found the serial number, and it’s 18446.  I need to look in the Pierce Piano Atlas to get an exact date on that, but the woman seems to think it’s from around 1890.


Here’s what we found online about McPhail pianos in general:

McPhail built exceptional pianos from 1837-1957, one of the few American piano companies to survive well over a century.  McPhail pianos, in tone, construction and material employed, maintain a place of distinction. They are high grade pianos in every sense. These makers specialize in small Grand pianos and have won a high place in the trade for these instruments, both as to tone quality and beautiful case design.

So, we get an amazing piano (it sounds beautiful!!), a matching bench, and even a nice piano lamp thrown in — all for just $50!!  Thank you craigslist!!

  • Oh, this takes me back!

    When I was 9 my dad bought us a piano for the same money. It was (is) an upright with a baby grand inside. HEAVY. Long story short–somehow, my dad, my 7 year old brother, and I managed to move that piano off the truck, up the porch stairs, and into the house. It weighs about 1000 lbs.

    Since then, I’ve moved that piano all over the US with me. Each time, the movers come and think it will only take two of them to move it. And each time, they end up calling for reinforcements to actually move the thing. How my dad and two scrawny kids moved it in the first place is beyond me. But we always say we had help from the Holy Spirit! 😀

  • Mom

    Stac you sound just like I did when I won our piano at an auction in Old Town Novato!! I called Dad and said “Guess what??? I just bought a piano!!” Even though none of us ever really played….I just loved it! Have fun!! xoxoxo