Yiddle Diddle Diddle Dee

Our LDS church stake (a geographical region comprised of many smaller units called “wards,” or congregations) will periodically stage a musical event for the entire community.  I’ve seen an amazing production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, last year 3,000 of our regional youth put on a multi-cultural dance festival, and this year we are doing the ever-fabulous Fiddler on the Roof.

I like this show, I do.  I remember watching it as a teenager and even buying the soundtrack on cassette.  Our kids have seen it and enjoyed it (although admittedly missing many of the more complex religious/political concepts of the material).  But now that my husband has joined the cast as The Innkeeper – a role that has a few lines, no solos, and generally less time at the rehearsals than the major players – it seems like we are Fiddler Central, 24/7.  Oy vey.

Nothing ruins something you enjoy like continuous airplay.

What is funny, though, is seeing all the men in the production coming to church with their new beards.  LDS men tend to be very clean-cut, and now some of the gentlemen are being seen with their big, scruffy beards.  Kind of makes you chuckle.  My wonderful, dear, sweet husband is actually physically incapable of growing a full beard, so he may need a little extra makeup in that case.  He’s hoping to compromise by growing out his hair, a detail that causes me to shudder.  With my husband, when you say “grow out his hair,” that’s just what it means – HIS hair grows OUT.  It’s very curly past a certain length, and a little unruly.  He’s tickled by this idea, and we’ll see just how far he tries to take it.

Meanwhile, I have the joy of listening to snippets of song that occupy his head at any given moment:  “Sunrise, Sunset”, “If I Were a Rich Man,” and one of my favorites, “Tevye’s Dream” (the woman they have cast as Fruma Sarah is awesome!).  He has weekly rehearsals from now until the end of August, when the show will have a 4-day run here in our city.  I suppose I can bear with him until then, and in reality, the fact that our church puts so much emphasis on the arts and on sharing talents reminds me of another Fiddler favorite:  TRADITION!